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Erryn reviews ‘Tidal Wave (Broken Chains Book 1)’ by E.M. Lindsey. The ebook was published January 14, 2021 and was 290 pages. The audiobook version of this story was narrated by Logan Anare, released April 2, 2021 and is 8 hrs and 59 mins long. A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Why I read this book:  I’ve been enjoying the On The Market series.

Two men, two different worlds, one destiny.

Gunner has spent half his life running from his past, and the other half trying to protect himself from ever being vulnerable again. He’s escaped his old club and worked hard to earn the VP patch on his cut after joining the Broken Chains. But his entire life is turned upside down when Gunner’s past comes back to haunt him, and the club’s Deaf delivery guy ends up at the wrong place at the wrong time. 

When his president asks him to protect the injured man, Gunner wants to say no. After all, he hasn’t been able to take his eyes off Logan since the day they met, and Gunner can’t afford that kind of distraction. But ignoring him is damn near impossible when every time he looks at Logan, he starts to feel something. And Gunner doesn’t think he has the power to resist him for much longer.

There will be no promise of a future though, if the Broken Chains can’t protect Logan from the mess he’s in, but even if they succeed, Gunner isn’t sure there’s a place for Logan in his world.

Broken Chains MC is a Motorcycle Club Romance series with dubious morality, mild violence, and happily ever afters.

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My review:

I will admit to not being a huge MC book fan.  I can stomach a certain amount of violence.  Sometimes it feels excessive.  This book did not.  The violence was there and was necessary.

Gunnar has had a rough go of life.  He was never particularly wanted, never loved, and grew up in the shadow of his father’s MC.  When it was discovered he was gay, he was beaten literally to within an inch of his life.  Those injuries have remained with him and always will.  The light in his life?  His sister Maddie.  A precocious young girl with a stubborn streak a mile wide.  She’s also growing up around bikers, but they are all protective of the little tyke.

Logan is – as self-described – deaf, black, and bisexual.  He doesn’t let any of that hold him back.  He’s made a good life for himself, well away from his well-meaning family back in Louisiana.  Unfortunately he has a run-in with some vicious bikers from another gang and suddenly he’s reliant on the gang he’s been working for to keep him safe.

I loved Logan.  He teaches dance despite being deaf.  He works a couple of jobs to keep a roof over his head, but never complains about his lack of material things.  He adores his students, including Maddie, and has noticed Gunnar.  When the two men are thrown together, is it any wonder things get interesting?  Then that happiness is shattered by violence, and I wondered how this was going to end.  Well.  Or as well as can be.

Logan Anare is a new narrator to me and I guarantee I’ll listen to him again.  He just suited this series.  And there are more books, so I plan to listen to them as well.

My rating:

9/10 Pots of Gold – Compares to 4.5/5 Stars

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E.M. Lindsey is currently living in the United States. In the very little free time they have, they read, Netflix binges, and writes– in that order. E.M. Lindsey’s works can be found exclusively published on amazon.

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