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Erryn reviews ‘Peregrine (A Forbidden Desires Spin Off Story)’ by Piper Scott and Virginia Kelly.  Self-published on June 17, 2021, 347 pgs.  Released on June 3, 2021, the audio is 9 hrs & 13 mins.  Narrated by Michael Ferraiuolo.   

Why I listened to this audio:  I’m in love with this series.


Sebastian Drake, stoic protector of the Drake family, always gets what he wants – and there is nothing he wants more than the half-starved Pedigree omega named Peregrine he comes across on his travels. It doesn’t matter that Peregrine is a disgrace. Sebastian will do whatever it takes to keep him…and somehow, as impossible as it might be, find a way to be his mate.

Present Day

For hundreds of years, Peregrine has enjoyed life as Sebastian’s mate. Sure, as one of the only bonded omegas in recent history, he’s been kidnapped more times than he can count, but with Sebastian there to save him, it’s little more than an inconvenience. And attacks from hostile clans? That’s just a typical Tuesday.

But there is one thing Peregrine fears yet desperately wants.

One thing that has hurt him time and time again.

One thing Sebastian can’t save him from.

And now it’s happening again.

He’s pregnant.

Peregrine is an 85,000 word omegaverse mpreg romance set prior to as well as following the events of the Forbidden Desires series. It has answers to questions you’ve been dying to know, and contains heartache, laughter, origin stories, meddling reptilian families with huge hearts, exotic locales, a dash of danger, and a love story 500 years in the making. For maximum enjoyment, Peregrine is best enjoyed following the events of ClutchBondMateSwallowMagpie, and Finch.

For this audiobook, please use the Look Inside or Download Free Sample feature on Peregrine’s ebook listing to read the content warning for possible triggers.

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My Review:

I’ve loved this series from the beginning.  I hadn’t even known what a clutch was, and now I feel like I have a good grasp on the world of the dragon shifters – the Drake family in particular.  I remember when Perry and Sebastian’s clutch were born – from eggs to future dragons.  I’ve followed, enraptured, as the eight little ones have grown up, all the while their uncles and grand sire have been falling in love and creating their own families.

I’m a sucker for origin stories.  Finding out how Peregrine and Sebastian first met, and all the tragedy they’ve endured since.  And with each tragedy, their bond has grown.  Their love for each other expanded.  They’ve had two beautiful clutches, but Perry’s fondest wish has been to birth a dragonette.  And yet that wish has never been fulfilled.  Five hundred years of wanting has got to hurt.  I’ve never felt the pull of wanting to be a mother, but I can empathize with women who endure miscarriages and, even worse, stillbirths.

So when Perry turns up pregnant, that ever-present worry is foremost in his mind.  He’s remembering his first pregnancy, and how disastrous that’d been.  How he feared Sebastian would reject him and send him back to the cloister.  Sebastian has never wavered.  From the first time he spotted his true mate, he’s been steadfast and loving.  If he could’ve born Perry’s pain, he would have.

Then there’s the constant threat of the omega who has never been willing to let Sebastian and the other Drakes live in peace.  Who has attacked the family over and over again from kidnappings to decimation of the clan.  Raven is quite a character, and I can’t wait for his backstory.  I’m sorry to hear there’s only one more book as I have truly loved this series.  Fingers crossed I won’t have to wait long.

Finally, of course, I have to mention Michael Ferraiuolo’s narration.  I always enjoy his performances, but this one shone.  The emotion evoked with Perry’s lasting pain was made ever more real by giving the man a voice.  Bringing him and all the other characters to life.  This series wouldn’t be nearly as wonderful, if not for him.  I’m greedily anticipating the final book and will be sorry to leave the clan behind.  Because lord knows, I know so much more about dragons now…

My Rating:

10/10 Pots of Gold (100% Recommended) – Compares to 5/5 Stars

Virginia Kelly

Virginia Kelly is the pen name for Lynn Van Dorn, under which she writes shifter mm romances.

Piper Scott

Piper Scott debuted as a trio of authors looking to write together for fun. Their collaboration led to three novella-length books (Love Me, Save Me, and Keep Me,) before life sent them in different directions, leaving just one author with an omegaverse plot bunny that wouldn’t leave her alone. Obey was born several months later… but the plot bunny never left–it multiplied.

Left to her own devices, Piper Scott writes scorching but heartfelt contemporary omegaverse romance about men you can’t help but fall in love with.

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