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Erryn reviews ‘Angel Ink (Get Ink’d Book 7)’ by Ali Lyda. The ebook was published May 29, 2021 and is 305 pages. The audiobook was narrated by David Piper.  It was released July 20, 2021 and is 6 hrs and 23 mins long. A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Why I read this book: I am loving this series.

No one’s ever caught me thinking with my manhood.  

Being demisexual means attraction doesn’t always come easy. And it has a way of knocking me off my feet. I can’t want Joel. I’m pretty sure he’s scared of me, and we’re working together.  

It’s a recipe for disaster. 

Too bad my emotions say otherwise. And once they start talking, my body starts listening. I’ve been screwed by love before. Is Joel worth taking the risk? 

There’s no need to get bent out of shape over one hot guy. 

Managing talent puts me in the path of plenty of attractive men, so there’s no reason to freak out every time I see Kyzer. Besides being gorgeous, he’s covered in ink and as intimidating as they come. You’d never know from looking at him how gentle he is. He’s a client and no matter how much I want him, he’s off limits. 

There are lines in this business that you can’t cross. I know it’s best for both of our careers. But what if throwing out the rules leads us down the path to happily ever after? 

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My Review:

I’ll start with the narrator.  The narrator of the first book of the series wasn’t great.  Then Connor Brown took over and I really liked him.  The author has changed narrators a third time and it took me a while to settle into the story. And I did settle.  Although I have to say I don’t particularly like the vocal choices for the character Chester, so I’ll be wary if it’s this narrator for his book.  I’ll pick it up, because I’m enjoying the series, but I might cringe a bit.  Now, often authors have no choice but to switch narrators if they want to keep producing the series and I’m glad Ms. Lyda brought this book to audio.  I’ll miss Connor, but I can soldier on with David.

Okay, on to the book.  Another suggestion to authors – remember the reader might only listen.  Kyzer is really cool name – except I heard Kaiser which aside from The Usual Suspects, doesn’t have a great connotation for me.  Didn’t detract from my enjoyment, but definitely something I noticed.

This series has left the previous location and moved to a new tattoo shop is opening up in LA.  The heart of the action so to speak.  And agent Joel is there to wrangle the talent.  It’s a little inconvenient that he wants to wrangle Kyzer physically as well as career-wise.  Kyzer had my heart.  I love characters who are demi because many readers see themselves reflected.  I also liked that Kyzer was unapologetic.  If someone didn’t understand him, that was okay.  Fortunately Joel was willing to be patient and let the relationship grow organically.

The men have more than a few external impediments.  Kyzer was in prison, and he’s only just coming to reconcile what happened while he was on the inside.  He truly blames himself for a tragedy that wasn’t his fault.  Joel’s brother is on a self-destructive path that’ll end with him dying if he doesn’t get help.  But is Joel the right person to give it, or are the brothers too enmeshed?

Underlying all these threads is the tattoo store, and I got to see some old favorites and that meant a lot.  I’m enjoying this series and I was happy for the little surprise at the end with some relocations and joyous news.  I knew Kyzer and Joel were going to get their happy ending, but there was just enough angst to make me happy. I can’t wait for the next book.

My Rating:

9/10 Pots of Gold (90% Recommended) – Compares to 4.5/5 Stars

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