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Erryn reviews Sink or Swim (RELIC Book 2)’ by Maz Maddox. The ebook is 232 pages and was published March 19, 2021. The audiobook was released on August 31, 2021 is 7hrs and 1 mins and narrated by Kirt Graves. A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Why I read this book: Dinosaur Shifters?  Worth a look!

Trapped on a cruise ship with a man I absolutely hate is not how I wanted to spend this fake honeymoon. Especially when my “fiance” has a deadly ex on the same boat.

Jackson is everything I’m not: brash, careless, and a former fossil thief. But he’s my ticket to getting what I want – the original Spinosaurus fossils that have been lost for decades. Now I have to play the part, win the fossils, and try not to kill him in the process.

The danger of being caught, tortured, or killed isn’t what scares me.

Navigating the waters of this fake relationship is threatening to pull me under.

And I’m terrified of sinking.

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My Review: 

As you may know, I’m always open to trying new authors in new genres.  This is my third shifter book in a row and I have to admit this one was a bit different.  Dinosaur shifters.  Creatures that survived the asteroid strike 65 million years ago and have recently become human but still have the ability to shirt.

Okay, so interesting premise.  Two of these shifters – Jackson and Baha – join together to rescue a relic.  Now, Baha belongs to an organization dedicated to recovering fossils from his original time period.  When he’s paired with Jackson, he’s not pleased.  When Jackson tries to pass them off as engaged, things get really interesting.

I really wanted to enjoy this book – and parts were interesting – but it felt like much of the book was unnecessary intrigue.  Like we were killing time until the main showdown.  But this is just my opinion – others have loved everything about the book – so I encourage you to try if the premise interests you.

Now I love Kirt Graves as a narrator and I thought he did a good job with this one.  Definitely one of the more original books I’ve read recently.

My Rating:

8/10 Pots of Gold (80% Recommended) – Compares to 4/5 Stars

Maz Maddox is the odd lovechild between a unicorn, dinosaur and vampire. The outcome is a human-like figure who inherited aspects of all three. She is a champion of logic and science, adores beauty and whimsy, and has a slight streak of darkness that dances the line of genius and insanity.

Residing in the wild land of cowboy boots and Shiner beer, Maz spends her time with her two dogs and a husband who she adores, and is constantly demanding that science gives her a pocket sized triceratops. The efforts of these demands have yet to be fulfilled.

When she’s not pining over the lack of chihuahua sized ornithischia, she’s a writer who loves crafting adventures tales sprinkled with humor, a hefty helping of romance, and topped with a happy ending. 

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