‘Long Witer’ (Wild Ones, Book One) by Rachel Ember #LGBT #Review #ContemporaryRomance

Wendy reviews ‘Long Winter’ (Wild Ones , Book One) by Rachel Ember. Published February 19, 2021 by Chestnut Publishing, 284 pages.

It’s been a long, cold winter at Riverside Ranch, where Robbie has lived alone since his brothers moved away. Alone, that is, except for his three devious cats, four saddle horses, and the forty-eight mustangs that roam the ranch.

Robbie is preparing for yet another snowfall when he gets the last call he expected—a plea to pick up Lance Taylor from the county jail.

Lance wasn’t just his little brother’s best friend, he was a part of the family. Then, one night, after Lance asked Robbie for something Robbie couldn’t give, he ran away and never came back.

Lance was sixteen and heartbroken when he left his middle-of-nowhere hometown. Six years later, he’s at rock bottom with nowhere else to go, and no one to turn to but Robbie, the man Lance has been inconveniently in love with for most of his life.

When Robbie offers Lance a place to stay, Lance expects a guest bedroom and awkward silences. Instead, he finds himself sharing Robbie’s one-room hayloft apartment and its single bed, while realizing that the old flame he carries for Robbie might not be so hopeless, after all.

Long Winter is the first book in the Wild Ones series and has a happy-for-now ending. Robbie and Lance’s story continues in Signs of Spring, to be released March 12, 2021.

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I’ve not had the opportunity to read this author before now and I really needed something new to me. I’ve been in this awful book slump and it was driving me crazy. I started several books by authors I’ve read and loved for years, only to read a couple pages and have to put the books down. I wasn’t even able to read my trusted ‘Go to’ stories that I re-read over and over. I was actually starting to panic a little lol.

So I was a little skeptical when I started this book. Man, am I ever happy that I started this book! I was hooked on Lance and Robbie from the very beginning. They are fantastic characters that are beautifully written. So very realistic, that I didn’t have to make allowances for anything that felt like it might be far-fetched.

These guys have history and love for each other even if things went badly in the past. There’s the perfect amount of angst and longing and heartache. I’m really grateful that this book came into my life when it did.

I’m going to be starting the next book in the series ASAP!

This is one of my new favorites and I know I will be reading it over and over.

10/10 Pots of Gold or 100% recommended

Rachel lives in the Midwest United States with her husband, two sons, and a menagerie of pets. She has always loved love stories, and having the chance to share her own tales still feels too good to be true.

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