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Erryn reviews ‘My Grumpy Old Bear (Loveable Grumps Book 1)’ by Jayda Marx. The ebook was published November 12, 2019 and was 136 pages. The audiobook version of this story was narrated by Nick Hudson, released July 29, 2021, and is 5 hrs and 29 mins long. A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Why I read this book:  I’m always up to trying new authors and I love bears.

Brooks – I’ve been coming to this little café every weekday for the past month, and everyday the same guy, Noah, takes my order. He always flirts with me, talks to me, and makes me feel like a million bucks. The problem? He’s in his mid-twenties, which is a baby compared to my 45 years. The first time he winked at and flirted with me, I thought he was making fun of me. I may have cussed him out. Okay, I did. But just a little. But, to my surprise, he just laughed and told me I was cute when I was grumpy. I should have run away and never came back to this place. But I can’t stay away. As if the age gap between us isn’t reason enough to keep my distance, we are also complete opposites. 

Noah is young and free-spirited, kind and funny. I’m an asshole. Our looks couldn’t be more different either. Noah is tall and thin with dirty-blond hair and blue eyes. He smiles so big his cheeks dimple up, and he lights up the room. And then there’s me. I’m gray-haired, gray-eyed, thickset, and I have crows feet and a bad back. When Noah basically forces me into a date, he flips my entire world upside down. But things can’t be that easy; I’ve got secrets, physical and emotional pain, and enough baggage to fill an airplane. I’ve got to keep my distance because this could never work. Noah – I’m becoming obsessed with a hunky older man. For a month now I’ve been flirting and dropping hints that I like him. Though we talk often, he always shrugs off my advances.

With his sexy gray hair and eyes and his cranky attitude, he’s like my own personal little storm cloud. Sure he’s grumpy, but I don’t miss the way his lips twitch when I tease him, or his eyes sparkle when I tell him he’s handsome. Each day I pull a little bit of information out about himself, but I’m hungry for more. I know there’s a big, beautiful personality behind his tough exterior, and I want to be the one who releases it. 

*This M/M May-December romance is insta-love and low angst.

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My review:

I’m always up for a May-December romance.  As I’m now closer to December, I’d like to believe there’s still someone out there for me.  And if he’s a young stud or gal into older women?  I’m game.

In other words, I related to Brooks.  He’s a little old (although some might dispute 45 as ‘old’).  He’s a little broken.  He’s a lot self-conscious.  Oh, and he’s a grumpy bear.  But he’s found a reason to leave the house every day.  He comes to a café and enjoys one of three simple meals.  And despite his protestations, he likes being served by Noah.

Noah likes older men.  Brooks isn’t even the oldest he’s sampled.  And something about the older man has him intrigued.  So he pokes, and he prods, and eventually he plops himself down.  Brooks is stunned, but also intrigued by this brash young man who seems interested.

Both men have hidden depths, and I liked the process of them getting to know each other better.  I like how Noah rolled with Brook’s admission to having baggage from his past.  Who doesn’t?

I will say the dark moment had me a little concerned.  Like the synopsis says, a low angst book.  I also like how Brooks called Noah ‘Sunshine’.  Now there’s a pet name I can get behind.

Finally, I have to say I loved the narration.  Nick Hudson is a favorite of mine, and he did a particularly great job with this one.  There’s also an original song that was fabulous.  That alone will have me coming back for more.

My rating:

9/10 Pots of Gold – Compares to 4.5/5 Stars


I live in rural Ohio with my husband and two sons who drive me nuts, but I love them with all my heart. I enjoy reading and writing romance of all types, but gay romance is my forte and favorite! Twice the sexy men? Yes, please! My books tend to be low angst because it hurts my heart, but they do contain lots of heartfelt moments, steamy scenes and a healthy dose of humor. 

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