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Erryn reviews ‘What We May Be’ by Layla Reyne.  The book was published August 16, 2021 and is 233 pages.  The audiobook was narrated by Christian Leatherman.  It was released September 15, 2021 and is 8hrs and 39mins.   This book was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Why I read: I like Layla Reyne and am always up for a good MMF book.

What we were…

Sean found love once, with his college roommate, Trevor, and Trevor’s best friend, Charlotte. The missing piece, Sean made it possible for Trevor and Charlotte to find love too. But then Sean left and took the love with him.

What we are…

Now an FBI agent, Sean is back in town, 10 years later, to investigate a murder. A case that pits him against his ex-lovers – Charlotte, a local detective, and Trevor, a literature professor sucked into the Shakespearean mystery. Everyone guards their hearts, but before long, desire sparks anew the feelings that burned hot a decade ago. That still burn true.

What we may be…

Love is within their grasp again, but as the killer escalates, it’s more than just their hearts and futures on the line. Sean, Charlotte, and Trevor will need to work together to solve the case. If they can’t, lives will be lost and pieces of their love gone for good.

What We May Be is a gripping stand-alone romantic mystery, featuring a literary whodunit and three former flames finding their way back to friendship, love, and happily ever after together.

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My Review:

Ménage books can often be a challenge – balancing the triad with the action going on around them.  Making sure the relationship is important, but no the be-all and end-all.  Sex is hot, but there needs to be substance behind both the characters and the plot.  This book fits that fine balance.

Sean is introduced first.  He comes back to Hanover for the funeral of two law enforcement officers.  He sees the two loves from college – Trevor and Charlotte.  The three had been together while in college, and all had looked good until Sean’s life was upended at graduation.  He made the decision to leave and through miscommunication, Trevor and Charlie, as she’s known, never knew why.  So, hurt feelings.  Trevor and Charlie couldn’t make it work as a couple, so they split and moved on with their lives.  Sean’s return has the three coming together again, but a happy ending looks out of reach.

Then a murder takes place, and Sean comes to investigate.  Charlie is law enforcement for the town, so they’re thrown together.  And although Trevor isn’t a cop, he becomes involved as his co-workers are being murdered.  It’s up to the team to unravel the mystery before the final tragedy takes shape.  I have to say, I loved how Shakespeare was woven into the story – having studied all four plays, I was able to follow along.  Not a problem if you haven’t, Ms. Reyne gives you enough to work with.

I enjoyed the book, especially the dynamics between the three leads.  Everything gets wrapped up after the climax and I was satisfied.  I’ll also give a shout out to Christian Leatherman.  I haven’t listened to him before, but I’ll be happy to pick him up again anytime.

My Rating:

9/10 Pots of Gold (90% Recommended) – Compares to 4.5/5 Stars

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Layla Reyne is the author of the Fog City, Agents Irish and Whiskey, Trouble Brewing, and Changing Lanes series. A Carolina Tar Heel who now calls the San Francisco Bay Area home, Layla enjoys weaving her bi-coastal experiences into her stories, along with adrenaline-fueled suspense and heart pounding romance.

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