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Erryn reviews Bigger Love by Rick R. Reed. The ebook was released June 15, 2020 by NineStar Press and is 210 pages. The audiobook was narrated by Brian Stoddard. It was released April 7, 2022 and is 6 hours and 27 minutes. A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Truman Reid is Summitville High’s most out-and-proud senior. He can’t wait to take his fierce, uncompromising self away from his small Ohio River hometown, where he’s suffered more than his share of bullying. He’s looking forward to bright lights and a big city. Maybe he’ll be the first ever genderfluid star to win an Academy Award. But all that changes on the first day of school when he locks eyes with the most gorgeous hunk he’s ever seen.

Mike Stewart, big, dark-haired, and with the most amazing blue eyes, is new to town. He’s quiet, manly, and has the sexy air of a lost soul. It’s almost love at first sight for Truman. He thinks that love could deepen when Mike becomes part of the stage crew for Harvey, the senior class play Truman’s directing. But is Mike even gay? And how will it work when Truman’s mother is falling for Mike’s dad?

Plus Truman, never the norm, makes a daring and controversial choice for the production that has the whole town up in arms.

See how it all plays out on a stage of love, laughter, tears, and sticking up for one’s essential self…

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My review:

I don’t listen to many YA stories, but this one had me intrigued.  I didn’t have any out and proud fellow students when I was in high school (which was, admittedly, about a million years ago).  Did my prom date turn out to be gay?  Yes.  Was I surprised?  No, not really.  Lovely guy.

So Truman strikes me as all kinds of brave.  He’s gender fluid, so he doesn’t stick to conventions. He wears make-up and pretty clothes. He gets teased and harassed mercilessly by bullies.  And adults take a few cracks at him as well.

He’s prepared to make his directorial debut in the student production of Harvey when he’s called upon to take a much larger role – one that suits his yearning to be free of his bigoted little town.  But to do this, he’ll have to draw on all his courage and strength.  His mom, favorite teacher, and best girl friend are there to support him, but it’s the new boy in town who really has his attention.

Mike just wants to fly under the radar screen, finish high school, and move beyond his prescriptive life.  Then he locks gazes with the most beautiful man he’s ever met and those yearnings come to the fore.  But can he convince Truman they’re meant to be together when his own father is dating Truman’s mother?  When things are so Goddamned complicated?  I had high hopes for these two. I wasn’t disappointed.

Brian Stoddard is a new narrator to me and I thought he did a great job with this lovely book.  I enjoyed it and will look at going back to the first book in the series.

My rating:

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Rick R. Reed is all about exploring the romantic entanglements of gay men in contemporary, realistic settings. While his stories often contain elements of suspense, mystery and the paranormal, his focus ultimately returns to the power of love. He is the author of dozens of published novels, novellas, and short stories. He is a three-time EPIC eBook Award winner (for Caregiver, Orientation and The Blue Moon Cafe). His novel, Raining Men, won the Rainbow Award for Best Contemporary General Fiction. Lambda Literary Review has called him, “a writer that doesn’t disappoint.” Rick lives in Seattle with his husband and a very spoiled Boston terrier. He is forever “at work on another novel.”

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