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Erryn reviews First Impressions (Auckland Med Book 1) by Jay Hogan (Published by the author on December 15, 2019, 328 pages). The audiobook was released on December 3, 2020, was narrated by Gary Furlong and is 10hr and 29mins. 


Two years ago, I made a mistake, a big one. Then I added a couple more just for good measure. I screwed up my life, but I survived. Now I have the opportunity for a fresh start. Two years in NZ. Away from the LA gossip, a chance to breathe, to rebuild my life. But I’m taking a new set of rules with me.

I don’t do relationships.

I don’t do commitment.

I don’t do white picket fences.

And I especially don’t do arrogant, holier-than-thou, smoking hot K9 officers who walk into my ER and rock my world.


One thing for certain, Dr. Michael Oliver is an arrogant, untrustworthy player, and I barely survived the last one of those. He might be gorgeous, but my daughter takes number one priority. I won’t risk her being hurt, again. I’m a solo dad, a K9 cop and a son to pain-in-the-arse parents.

I don’t have time for games.

I don’t have time for taking chances.

I don’t have time for more complications in my life.

And I sure as hell don’t have time for the infuriating Dr. Michael Oliver, however damn sexy he is.

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My Review:

I really enjoyed this book.  The meet cute was, well, interesting.  Dr. Michael Oliver has, uh, just done the deed in the bathroom of a bar when some knife-wielding thugs show up.  He’s rescued by K9 Officer Josh who isn’t impressed with the handsome guy he met whose fly isn’t zipped and who’s obviously just been debauched. Or done the debauching. Doesn’t really matter – it’s not behavior Josh respects.  But when Josh’s colleague is injured, the ER doc steps in to save the day.

When Michael’s life is threatened because he witnessed the attack, Josh steps up and offers the doctor a refuge.  Sparks keep flying and eventually Josh overcomes his scruples and he gives in to temptation.  But here’s the thing – Josh is built for permanence.  He has a daughter he adores and his last partner, whom he believed he’d be with forever, cheated on him. He’s distrustful of any playboys.

Michael had something truly tragic happen to him back in LA and he’s in Auckland for a new start.  He was in a long-term relationship and he destroyed it.  So he’s definitely not going down that road again.  Yet as he spends time with Josh and his lovely daughter, all those plans kind of blow up.

But the bad guys are still after him, and when he’s forced to make a choice, it might just cost him everything.

Really great book.  I loved watching the push and pull between two men who would be so wrong for each other and yet are so right.  Huge shout out to Gary Furlong.  I adore him as a narrator and he did a brilliant job.  Off to the next book…

My Rating:  

10/10 Pots of Gold (100% Recommended) – Compares to 5/5 Stars

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JAY HOGAN IS A 2020 LAMBDA LITERARY FINALIST IN GAY ROMANCE and a New Zealand author writing in m/m romance and romantic suspense.She has travelled extensively and lived in a few different countries. In another life, she was an Intensive Care Nurse, Counselor, and Nursing Lecturer.

She is owned by a huge Maine Coon cat and a gorgeous Cocker Spaniel.

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