Bright Smile: A Sweet F/F Interracial Romance (Old Town Braverton – Secondhand Rose Vintage Thrift Shop Book 2)  by Roxie Clarke #FF #LGBTQ #Review #Romance #Contemporary

Erryn reviews ‘Bright Smile: A Sweet F/F Interracial Romance (Old Town Braverton – Secondhand Rose Vintage Thrift Shop Book 2)‘ by Roxie Clarke. This book was released by the author on June 18, 2022, and is 64 pgs long.

Why I read this book:. I’m loving this series


Lighting up the gorgeous items in the window of Secondhand Rose is something Daphne can do with her eyes closed. But shining a light on herself? She’s not so good at that. Not until the local event planner, who she’s been secretly crushing on, asks for her help. They make a great team and, infected by wedding energy, Daphne takes a chance and kisses Tabitha…


Planning other people’s joyful events at the Braverton Botanical Garden is where Tabitha’s skills blossom. She’s so invested in making sure other people are happy she hasn’t made space to fulfill her own desires—because her desires could cause trouble with the conservative board at the Garden. And when she gives in to her attraction to Daphne, her own event turns unhappy very quickly.

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My Review:

Tabitha and Daphne have each noticed each other but neither have had the guts to ask the other out.  All that changes when Tabitha asks Daphne to help.  Tabitha is an events co-ordinator at the local botanical gardens and her lighting designer has broken his leg.  Desperate, she reaches out to the designer of those awesome windows at the local second-hand store.  Daphne’s thrilled to step up and help – and the chance to get to know Tabitha better is just a bonus.

Her creation is a huge success, so Tabitha asks her to continue.  But when their burgeoning relationship comes to the attention of the board of the botanical garden, Tabitha finds she has to choose between her growing feelings for Daphne or the job that keeps her in a decent apartment and out of debt.

Daphne doesn’t want Tabitha to lose her job, but nor does she want to have to hide their relationship – or, even worse, have the relationship end prematurely and permanently.

Now, this is a Roxie Clarke sweet romance, so I knew I’d get my happy ending.  And I should’ve seen how the Braverton community would come together to support the women.  And it was nice to see MaryAnn and Luis again – amongst many happy couples.  There’s one more book in the series and I can’t wait.  I also just want to throw in that I loved that the protagonists were Black and Korean – two groups who don’t receive enough representation – so another bonus. I had just finished a massive sprawling steampunk fantasy gay romance book and was looking for something light and sweet.  Bright Smile came at the perfect time.  I loved it.

My Rating:

10/10 Pots of Gold (100% Recommended) – Compares to 5/5 Stars

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Roxie Clarke writes sweet romances featuring houseplants, hunky heroes, and happily ever afters.
She lives outside Portland, OR with her husband and their five kids.
It is loud at her house.

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