Temporary Partner (Valor and Doyle Book 1) by Nicky James #Audiobook #MMRomance #Contemporary #Review #LGBT #Suspense

Erryn reviews ‘Temporary Patner (Valor and Doyle Book 1)’ by Nicky James. This book was released by the author on May 16, 2022, and is 362pgs long. The audiobook version of this story was narrated by Nick J. Russo.  It was released on July 14, 2022, and is 10 hrs and 15 mins long. A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Why I read this book:  I loved Not What It Seems.

Can two rivals work together to solve a case?

When an infant is taken from his carriage in broad daylight, missing persons detective Quaid Valor must race against the clock to find the child and bring him safely home to his family. Unfortunately, Quaid’s partner isn’t available, and his team is spread thin. Begrudgingly, Quaid must accept the help from his rival, homicide detective Aslan Doyle, if he wants to get the job done.

Aslan is Quaid’s opposite in every way. He’s bold, outspoken, arrogant, and the office playboy. And much to Quaid’s chagrin, Aslan seems to have set his sights on Quaid as his next conquest.

Quaid doesn’t have time to deal with Aslan’s flirty behavior when he’s trying to solve a case and juggle his cheating ex’s incessant interruptions.

It doesn’t matter how attractive Aslan is or the undeniable chemistry they seem to have. Getting involved with Aslan would be a huge mistake.

But as tension with the case builds, Quaid keeps forgetting he’s supposed to hate this new partner. Maybe Aslan is exactly the kind of distraction he needs.

Temporarily, at least.


Temporary Partner is the first in the Valor and Doyle Mysteries.

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My Review:

I usually start my Nicky James reviews saying how much I think she’s a talented writer.  Well, this review will be no different.  Although she’s written at least one police procedural before, this book very much sank right into the weeds of the life of a police officer.  That immersion is what I associate with Nicky’s writing – well researched, well executed, and damn powerful.

A missing child is always an angst-ridden premise.  Quaid, a member of the missing persons squad of the Toronto Police Department, gets the case.  Problem is, he’s used to working with his partner.  The woman has legitimate reasons to be away, and everyone else is busy.  The solution?  Assign a member of the homicide department to help out. (Note – I’m from Toronto and I loved all the little references – felt like being home…)

Aslan’s used to dealing with dead people.  Oh, he’s dealt with grieving relatives and suspects before, but the stakes have never been this high.  Also, he’s fricking annoyed by Quaid’s ex-boyfriend who just won’t leave the man alone, even as he works one of the most important cases of his life.  I related to Aslan’s antipathy toward the man.  Some sleazeballs don’t deserve a second – or sixth – chance.

Aslan and Quaid also have history.  Yes, it was just one kiss.  But it’s a kiss they both remember.  And now they’ve been thrown together, the attraction simmers just below the surface of their every interaction.  But Quaid fears being another notch (literally) on Aslan’s bedpost.  After the case is over, they’re going their separate ways.  Right?

Possibly.  But they have to find the missing baby first.  I’ll admit I didn’t see every twist coming.  That’s the brilliance of Nicky’s writing.  I thought I knew where things were headed, but they wound up in a very different place – yet things also made complete sense.

Now, there are two more books with these two characters and man, I can’t wait!  Of course I hope they’ll eventually come to audio, and I most especially hope Nick J. Russo will be narrating them.  Nicky and Nick make a great team, and this was a fantastic book that I can recommend to everyone.

My Rating:

10/10 Pots of Gold (100% Recommended) – Compares to 5/5 Stars

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I live in the small town of Petrolia, Ontario, Canada and I am a mother to a wonderful teenage boy (didn’t think those words could be typed together…surprise) and wife to a truly supportive and understanding husband, who thankfully doesn’t think I’m crazy.

I have always had two profound dreams in life. To fall back hundreds of years in time and live in a simpler world, not bogged down by technology and to write novels. Since only one of these was a possibility I decided to make the other come alive on paper.

I write mm romance novels that take place in fantastical medieval-type settings and love to use the challenges of the times to give my stories and characters life.

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