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Wendy reviews ‘Valentino in Vancouver’ (Passport to Pleasure) by Gabbi Grey. Published by The Wild Rose Press September 7, 2022, 121 pages

Happy Release Day Gabbi!


When I need to get away from the heat in Los Angeles, I head to a friend’s house in Vancouver, Canada. I just need to hide out. Oh, and that cute redhead? A mighty fine way to pass the time. Will this fling become something more by the time things cool down?


When I’m invited to my boss’s house for a party, I’m thrilled. And nervous. Then I meet a guy who helps me relax. Even when I find out who he is, I keep coming back for more. Only it turns out I might be way over my head. Can I get out before I fall for him?


*A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review

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“You haven’t said anything in the media yet.” Thomas’s brown eyes were hard.

“What’s the point? People have already made up their minds. I’m the villain in the piece. I have no way to clear my name.”

Peter nodded. “So you plan on hiding in our nanny suite for the rest of your life?”

I cleared my throat. “I honestly hadn’t thought that far ahead. I had to get out of LA, and here seemed like a safe place to go.”

Another long look between the two men.

Thomas broke the gaze and settled on me. “You realize you’re jeopardizing Peter’s reputation by coming here, right?”

I did. Had agonized over it. “Look, maybe I should move on. I’m sure you can recommend a place for me to lie low, right? A short-term rental or cheap motel.”

“Is money an issue?” Peter’s gaze narrowed.

“Of course not.” I bristled. “But if I check into a luxury hotel using my platinum credit card, it’s not likely I’ll be anonymous for long.”

Peter bobbed his head in acknowledgment. “We’re okay with you staying here for now.” He met Thomas’s gaze and waited for the nod of agreement before continuing. “But you have to find a way to clear your name. Hiding out in Vancouver won’t solve your LA problems.”

He was right, of course, but I had no idea how to solve the problem. Still, they were giving me time, and I had to make the most of it.

“I’ll fix it, I swear.”

Fuck, I was in trouble.

This story starts off with a couple of my favorite characters (Peter and Thomas from Catch a Tiger by the Tail and Solstice Surprise) home. I love how Gabbi’s stories and worlds branch out and touch each other all the time. Plus, I love seeing characters that I’ve grown fond of making cameos, or in this instance, being the place/people Val runs to when he’s in trouble. There’s a feeling of real life dynamics during the conversations that happen between Val, Peter and the very protective Thomas. It sets a very serious stage while they discus Val’s position and how it will affect everyone that might agree to help him. 

The book isn’t all about them though, I just got carried away lol. They do play a large part of the story and having histories together makes the plot fuller.

The story is really about Valentino, his troubles, the insta-lust that turns into a very embarrassing moment when he meets our other sweet character, Seamus and their journey towards HEA. 

This is not a long story, so it does have that insta-love/lust thing going on, the progression of the relationship is effortless and flows so easily that the time frame really is insignificant.

The story has elements of angst and anxiety filled moments. It is fun and funny, at times it made me angry and sad and in the end, I was very, very happy. 

I think this is Gabby Grey’s best work yet and the perfect read with a glass of wine or a cup of tea to relax with.

10/10 Pots of Gold or 100% recommended 

USA Today Bestselling author Gabbi Grey lives in beautiful British Columbia where her fur baby chin-poo keeps her safe from the nasty neighborhood squirrels. Working for the government by day, she spends her early mornings writing contemporary, gay, sweet, and dark erotic BDSM romances. While she firmly believes in happy endings, she also believes in making her characters suffer before finding their true love. She also writes m/f romances as Gabbi Black and Gabbi Powell.

Website: https://gabbigrey.com/

Newsletter sign-up:  https://sendfox.com/gabbigrey

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