‘Ghost Fu**ers or Grant and Allen Meet The Killer: (Book 1) by Johnny Williams #LGBT #Review #Horror #Comedy #Paranormal #Romance #Series

Wendy reviews ‘Ghost Fu**ers or Grant and Allen Meet the Killer’ (Book 1) by Johnny Williams. Self Published December 31, 2021, 204 pages.

Bill Grant and Pete Allen accept tickets to a paranormal group’s investigation of the Axeman, a 1970’s killer whose ghost they say haunts the woods of the Pine Barrens. They weren’t prepared for meeting up with multiple other monsters, crazy moving houses, and a cult of people wearing a cartoon lady’s mask that want to kill them. I grew up loving the old Abbott and Costello movies, and the Scooby Doo cartoons, and wanted to add my crazy twist to them all, adding a multi-racial gay couple as the main comedy team. It’s a GAY HORROR COMEDY. Meaning: People die in it. But, you will laugh a lot in it too.

It’s adult, I tried my hardest to make it funny and completely off the wall as possible, and someone bet me I could never top my funniest book, ‘Fairy Tales My Grandma Told Me’. I took that bet. I humbly offer up my latest, and just hope you laugh. Peace.


* A copy of this book was offered in exchange for an honest review

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The snark is strong in this book. Yes, that was cheesy, but true. It’s snarky, campy, over-the-top with tons of puns and references to old comedy teams and horror movies. I hesitate to call it light-hearted because people die…in horrific ways,  it’s a horror story after all. But the tone is over-all light and sweet, it’s a romance ya know. And funny, because it’s a comedy too. *phew* I think I covered it all lol. It truly is a combination of all those things and that sets the stage for our protagonists Bill and Pete to start their journey into the strange, frightening, funny, paranormal woods they find themselves immersed in. Annnd, que the snark, because well, there’s TONS of it. I laughed and I rolled my eyes a few times but mostly I enjoyed being taken back to my youth when I was able to revisit some of my favorite popular monsters and comedy teams. TBH, I usually feel like I’ve been left in the dust when authors reference recent pop culture because I don’t watch TV anymore so it was pure pleasure to read and understand even some of the more obscure cameos. 

In the end though, if you’re looking for something that’s off the wall and over the top, a little funny, a little scary and a little sweet, this is a good one. I’ve got the sequel queued up to read soon and I’m looking forward to seeing what Bill and Pete get up to next. I wonder if they will see any familiar faces???

8.5 Pots of Gold or 85% recommended

I was born next to my mother. I don’t remember much. Apparently she screamed, I screamed, doctors were called, and there was blood. But, I digress.

I have lived, circling around the New Hope Pa, and the NYC area my whole life. I have always had a knack of making people laugh. I tried stand up, but they told me to sit down. I tried improv, but couldn’t remember the lines. So I turned to writing novels. So far, I have put out some works I am proud to call funny. I even have had people contact me stating, “Thanks a lot. You made me laugh out loud in front of perfect strangers. I even snorted. I hate you.” Made me feel great. ^_^

I hope you like my novels. Better still, I hope you laugh out loud in front of perfect strangers reading them. It has been my life’s ambition to write comedy. Thank you for listening.

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