About MtSnow

MtSnow Bio:

MtSnow is a 4-yr Active Duty Marine Corps veteran. She is an avid reader of all kinds of books since she learned to read, as it was a way to travel to other places no matter where she landed. Her idea of a vacation was to be left alone in a library for as long as she wanted. She first started out reading the classic romances, westerns, gothics, mysteries, paranormal romance, then she was pulled in to LGBT romances in 2010, and has never looked back!

She ingests books like candy, reading being her ‘drug of choice’, and uses the addiction to write as one of many reviewers for the blog ‘Rainbow Gold Reviews’, a review site started by Marc Fleischhauer in March of 2014. Because she likes to multitask, and DOES have a day job, she is most interested in LGBT audiobooks, and the boom in production that is beginning to happen this year. But. She will never turn down an opportunity to read, or LISTEN, to anyone that writes a quality Romance or Mystery for the LGBTQ audience.


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