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Twitter – (include @LGBT_Reviews in your Tweets and we will retweet you)

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– promote giveaways/ Sales and free books:  (1638 members – 8/1/2014)

– promote anything LGBT related:  (518 members – 8/1/2014)


Review Guidelines:

This Review Blog has a focus on M/M Romance, but we accept review requests of any LGBT Fiction, be it M/M, F/F, Trans, …

That means no M/F, no Non-Fiction, no M/F/M (though M/M/F would be okay)

We review ALL subgenres of LGBT Fiction and ALL heat levels. From YA to Taboo, we give everything a try.

HOWEVER – as you can read in our ABOUT US section, we only post books on the blog that our reviewers can rate at least 6/10 (which is comparable to 3/5).


Review Requests:

As long as your book follows our review guidelines, we will not turn your review request away. However, we have several hundred review requests that we get from publishers and individual authors. If you want/ need the review by a special date, let us know – otherwise our reviewers can pick their next reviews from a review list and we will get to your book as soon as it is claimed, read and reviewed.

Please send a review copy as MOBI or PDF file to and put the title of the book(s)/series as well as the author name and ‘Review Request’ in the title. Also, it is highly recommended that you include a MEDIA PACK with your request (more information below).

Include the following:

Media Pack: How and where people can ‘see’ you

Cover image, blurb, title, series and number, author(s) name, publisher, publication date, word cound and/or page number.

If you also include buy links, a short bio, social media contact links, and an excerpt – it will be easier for us to include everything.

(Our Tip – save that info as media pack and provide it to blogs – it saves us a lot of time and thus your book might be reviewed earlier and will include all the information that is important for you 🙂 )

Send request here:


Spotlight: Promopost with Giveaway

Send us your Media Pack (look above to find out what you should include) and tell us when you want it to be posted. Since you give us all the information we need, spotlights can be posted almost instantly. To prevent them from being mere advertisements, we ask that you offer an e-copy of the book or a prize of your choice as prize. The giveaway will run for one week and encourage people to read about your book and comment on the post; one (or more) commenters will be randomly drawn through to win.

Send request here:


Guestpost: Let us hear your voice

This is your chance to talk directly to our readers. make it count! The best guest posts are personal, meaningful/funny and/or unique. Use it to introduce yourself and your book(s). Talk about themes important to you and how you used them in the book or find another way to share something about yourself and your books. Things like a recorded audio message, a video, a short story or flash fic or something unique can make you stand out. Often talking about something you care about with passion is even more effective. Show people that your voice is unique and they should read your book. Incorporate the MEDIA PACK (look above) in the post.

Send request here:


Interview: Live or via Email

Live interviews (usually via Facebook Private Chat) take long, but are very responsive and usually make for a more interesting post. Expect a few hours for the interview to be finished. We will line edit the interview and get it ready to be posted. We are able to take your answers into account when coming up with the next question and it’s more of a casual discussion lead by our interviewer.

Interviews via email mean that we send you a number of questions (feel free to indicate how many you want) and you can take your time coming up with answers and edit them at your leisure.

Send request here:


Cover Reveal: Spread the Love

Cover reveals can be a great way to create excitement in your new release. They are most successful if you find several blogs who unveil them at the same time. Chances are good readers will see them on one of the blogs and if your cover grabs their attention, they will want to read your book or at least blurb. They say ‘Don’t judge a book´ by its cover, but most of us do. Capitalize on it 😉

Send request here:


Chats: Interact with your fans

We have embedded a chat into our blog. It is easy to use for people (Twitter Login) and we have a direct link:

We would love to host you there so you can connect with your fans. Tell us when and how long you want to chat and we will let people know about it, though you should strongly promote the chat event as well. Then you can casually answer any questions your fans have for you and tell them exciting news.

We also regularly do Facebook Author Panel Chats where we ask several authors to discuss a certain topic or genre with fans. Authors benefit from fans of their fellow authors and usually have a lot of fun and a big turn-out. We will create a Facebook event on our page that can be shared, invited to and promoted and the chat will be pinned to the top of the event to ensure no one gets lost in the threads 😉 Let us know if you are interested.

Send request here:


Blog Tour: Let us host you 😉

For Blog Tours, you find several blogs who will host you on different days. They should give you a specific date from a range of dates chosen by you when they post a promo post (with MEDIA PACK – look above) and a review if they have asked for a review copy. You can specify a time when they should be posted on the chosen day, so you can promote the post and your fans have the whole day to discover the stop. We can prepare posts and schedule them to be published automatically. Yo can provide blogs with Guest posts and interviews, but make sure don’t underestimate the work and time involved. You can show and link all the stops at the different days and people can follow you throughout the tour.

Send request here:


Blog Hop: Come Together

For a blog hop, different blogs post something at the same time under one common theme in their unique way and people will have to visit all participating blogs to get the full experience



2 thoughts on “Contact Us

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  2. I would like to thank you for this blog that I happened to find one night. I look forward to the reviews and interview, as they help me decide what books that I will spend my money on or if I try and find it free. I have won a book from Ryhs Ford which I thank you for. I don’t know how you contact the winners as this is the first time I have won a prize. Please keep up the good work from a faithful follower.Felicia Sidoma, Again I say Thank You but to me those words can mean nothing or everything.


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