Friend Blogs/Sites <3


Our LGBTQ Family Because our friends are the family we choose. Please check them out ❤

Caddy Rowland's Blog

Caddy Rowland’s Blog

Eloreen Moon's Blog

Eloreen Moon’s Blog

K-Lee Klein's Blog

K-Lee Klein’s Blog

Carly's Book Reviews

Carly’s Book Reviews

Wicked Wolves & Dreaming Dragons

Wicked Wolves & Dreaming Dragons


Áine P Massie, Author


Tempeste O’Riley

AE Via, Author

AE Via, Author


Michael &t erotic writing

Cody Kennedy, author

Cody Kennedy, author

Because Two Men Are Better Than One

Because Two Men Are Better Than One




Ashley Chunell, Author

Noah Willoughby, Author

Noah Willoughby, Author

If you want to be featured here, please introduce us as friends to your blog or website readers and add our button to the blog/site. We are happy to do the same 🙂 ❤ Send us an email to and include the button/icon of your blog, name of the blog, your name, a link where we can see where you added our RGR button and the link you want your button to have. Pot Of Gold RGR


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