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MtSnow reviews The Handsome Prince: Erotic Gay Stories’ an Anthology edited by Neil Plakcy, narrated by Luke Avery. Audiobook released December 22, 2011. Length 6 hours 13 minutes. Published by Cleis Press.

Note: We were given a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.
imageBLURB: We all know the fairy tale. The handsome prince comes riding up on his white stallion and rescues the beautiful princess from her enchantment with a single kiss. Then they ride off together to live happily ever after. But what if the person longing for that handsome prince is a man himself? And why not?

Neil Plakcy’s The Handsome Prince is a mix of traditional and contemporary stories, each with its own unique fairy-tale atmosphere. Sometimes the prince is the one who needs rescuing, as in “Chauffeur Prince” and “Creosote Flats and the Big Spread”. Sometimes the true prince is the other guy – like the tales told in “The Virgin Prince and the Rebel Chief” and “Reckless”. There is humor and charm in these stories, with an underlay of passion and desire. The one thing these stories have in common, along with the original fairy tales, is a happy ending. These stories drip, quite literally, with romance. Whether it’s a HEA (happily ever after) or a HFN (happy for now), when these guys find their princes, hot steamy sex ensues. Here’s to stories (and heroes) that make us swoon!


Forword by Neil Plakcy:

Sometimes the true prince is the other guy—like the tales told in “The Virgin Prince and the Rebel Chief” and “Reckless.” There is humor and charm in these stories, with an underlay of passion and desire.

review[1] (1)Handsome Prince. Like as in Fairytales. Fun little stories. Some quite hot. Some. Quite. Not. (But cute just the same) *smiles*

This little gem is something I’ve seen in audible for awhile and never really thought enough about to give it a chance. Well, one of the authors was kind enough to provide it to us in exchange for a review and after listening to it in fits and starts, I found a couples of the stories to be real gems! Two of my favorites were ‘The Frog Prince’ by Josephine Myles and ‘The Prince & The Plumber’ by J.L. Merrow. These two shorts could make great novellas with more of a backstory, as I really loved the characters and would love to learn more about them. I also really enjoyed ‘Chauffeur Prince’ by Bonnie Dee

Here is the line-up of the stories and the various authors:

The Master by Fox Lee Asian Prince in the woods…
Augustus Woods and the Prince of Rock and Roll by Aaron Michaels
In a Clearing by Rob Rosen
The Prince and the Plumber by JL Merrow
The Virgin Prince and the Rebel Chief by Red Morgan
The Prince of Izangraf by Neil Plaksy
Chauffeur Prince by Bonnie Dee
The Prince of Tires by Heidi Champha
Reckless by Janine Ashblas
The Frog Prince by Josephine Myles
Added Benefits by S.A. Garcia
Secret Service by Gregory L. Norris
Prince of Darkness by Jay Starr
Creosote Flatts and the Big Spread by Michael Bracken

As for the rest of the stories, some were basically erotica with not much plot line, but others were quite creative, and had me wishing for full, fledged-out stories from the snippets included.

As for the narrator, I admit in the beginning I was not really feeling drawn to his voice, as it sounded very monotone and emotionless on the first couple of stories. Having said that, as soon as he got into some of the historical or British narrations, he actually began to warm up to the characters, and he sounded in his element.

A nice little compilation with some hits and misses for me. Overall, due to some of the narration I don’t know that I’d want to re-listen, except for bookmarking some of my favs. It does give a decent sampling of known and new-to-me authors, and I hope to hear more from some of these, maybe with a different narration choice.

6.5 of 10 Pots of Gold (65% Recommended) – Compares to 3.25/5 Stars

Pot Of Gold 6half






Where To Purchase: Amazon – Audible – iTunes

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