‘Hearts Repaired’ (Professions of love, Book 1) by Caraway Carter #LGBT #ReleaseDay #Romance #May/Dec #Spotlight

Wendy reviews ‘Hearts Repaired’ (Professions of Love, Book 1) by Caraway Carter. Published January 12, 2021 by Never Too Late Books, 196 pages.

A confident doctor. A sexy mechanic. A May/December romance to fall in love with.

Lawrence Barnsdale was stunned when he woke up next to a much younger man. This wasn’t his style. This wasn’t him. He knew the relationship was doomed when he realized that Curtis was smart, funny and an accomplished doctor. Why would Curtis be interested in an over-the-hill mechanic?

Curtis knew from the night they first met that Lawrence was the kind of guy he could have a future with. If only he could convince Lawrence that the age difference didn’t matter

Hearts Repaired is the first book in a May/December contemporary gay romance series. If you like second chances, real men, and finding a connection, then you’ll love this new series by Caraway Carter.



*A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review

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Why I read this book: I read the previous version of this book and was excited to see what was added. 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said to myself, “I wish this was longer.” or “I want to know more about these characters.” This was the best surprise because I remember saying those exact things when I read the first version of this book. 

I love Mr. Carter’s style of writing. He gives a fresh perspective to his stories that I don’t see in a lot of other romance books in this genre. I especially love that he has a way of including those awkward and often embarrassing moments that seem to happen all the time in real life. You know, the ones when the relationship isn’t quite a relationship yet and we’re working hard to make great impressions so the other person will want to stick around? The one’s where if they actually do stick around after seeing what goofs we are we know we better keep them? Yeah, he’s good at those. 

This one is a May/Dec romance, I love those. 

Lawrence (or Law to Curtis) is the December in this story. Mr. Carter does such a great job of describing him that I could easily picture the sexy Silver Fox mechanic. Law was really hurt by a former lover who shamed him for his profession. It really did some lasting damage and that plays a big role in the relationship he finds himself in with Dr. Curtis Fielding. I might have liked to hear more about this previous relationship because it plays the most significant role in the way Law behaves towards his new lover. I was sad that such an accomplished man would feel the need to hide what he does for a living. 

Curtis is of course the May aspect. He’s younger (by a good many years) than Law but knows what he’s attracted to and what he wants out of life and out of a relationship. He’s had some bad experiences with old lovers too but wasn’t in a position to be as emotionally damaged as Law. 

I did find the flashing back to the past a tiny bit confusing, but I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more. There were plenty of secondary characters that I hope to hear more about. 

8.5 Pots of Gold 


Caraway Carter has worn numerous hats. He’s been a furniture salesman, a dresser, a costumer, an actor/waiter, a rabble rouser, a poet and most recently a writer. He loves words and stringing them together, he loves sex and sexy men, and he writes relationship fiction that reminds you—it’s never too late for love. And he has lived his tagline. He married his husband on Halloween, at the age of forty-nine, and they are the loving parents of an adorable cat named Molly. 

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