Wicked Guardian (Elm Street Mafia Book 2) by Ali Lyda and Alexa May #Audiobook #LGBT #Review #MMContemporary

Erryn reviews ‘Wicked Guardian (Elm Street Mafia Book 2)’ by Ali Lyda and Alexa May. The ebook was published December 15, 2020 and is 267 pages. The audiobook was narrated by Mike Peterman.  It was released February 5, 2021 and is 8 hrs and 16 mins long. A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Why I read this book: I enjoyed book 1.

Eleven years ago I walked away from the only man I’ve ever loved. Back then, I was afraid to take a chance on a man with a past as dark as Cole’s. Now I know just how short life can be. I need to keep my kids safe, not get mixed up with the mob. But the feelings I had all those years ago? They’re just as strong now. Cole has changed. He’s harder. Crueler. And just as alluring as he’s always been. When my life is in danger, he’s the only one I trust. Falling for him again is the last thing I should do. It’s too bad I can’t resist. 

My heart stopped beating eleven years ago. That’s when Sam tore it out.
I haven’t needed it since. Now I’m back in The Elm, the same neighborhood Sam calls home. It’s my duty to protect my boss. But my heart still belongs to Sam. If he rejects me again, I won’t recover. And if he asks me to walk away from the family… You don’t walk away from the mob. But for him, I’d tear it all down for the chance at a life together.

Get ready for a 65,000-word second-chance romance featuring a single dad and the mafia enforcer he let get away!

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My Review:

What happens when you’re a widower with two kids you love more than life itself but you’re working a dead-end low-wage job that barely pays the bills and keeps you living in the rough part of town?  You make the best of it, of course.  You love your kids, keep your head down, and, naturally, don’t witness any violent shakedowns.

What happens when that doesn’t work? You call the one man you’ve been in love with for years because he’s a mob enforcer and he’ll protect you and your kids, right?

Sam is a good guy who loves his kids.  He works at a gym in The Elm to give them a safe space but now the mob’s moved in, it’s not as safe as it might once have been.  But Cole is there to watch over things, and has no hesitation to step in when Sam and his kids are in danger.  Pretty soon those long-suppressed feelings of attraction are coming to the surface.  The men had a passionate love affair but that ended years ago when Sam walked out the door.  Both men have mourned that loss, so when fate throws them back together, neither is willing to fight the attraction for too long.

Like the first book in the series, there are morally ambiguous characters who encounter violent situations.  There are also moments of tenderness where you almost – almost – accept that a man can change after having lived such a violent past.  If anyone can do it, it’d be Cole and his boss Max.

I enjoyed the book and will pick up book three if there is one.  There are a few single characters who might step into the limelight.  Finally I’ll mention Mike Peterman.  He does well narrating this series and I hope he does any subsequent books.

My Rating:

7.5/10 Pots of Gold (75% Recommended) – Compares to 3.75/5 Stars

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