Lorraine gives 9/10 Pots of Gold to Cowboy Waltz by Cameron Dane

Why I read it: I had read many books by this author and was keen to read her take on a cowboy romance as I love cowboys!

cowboy waltz









The Blurb

A horse stock manager on the rodeo tour, gruff cowboy Jed Hastings is in a bind. He needs a new assistant yesterday. Enter green-as-hell Booker West. Booker spent his childhood dreaming about being a part of the rodeo. He doesn’t have any experience working with horses, but Jed doesn’t have options, and gives the newbie a chance.

Innocent about the world and secretly gay, Booker works like the devil to hide his attraction to Jed. He doesn’t just want to be a wannabe-cowboy with a crush; he wants to learn from Jed. Booker craves Jed’s respect, friendship, and trust. For Jed, he knows an eager young colt like Booker should work his last nerve, yet he finds he has endless patience with the guy. He’s possessive about Booker too. And while bunking together does create intimacy, that doesn’t explain away straight Jed’s explicit sexual fantasies and growing desire for another man.

When a life altering event sends Jed and Booker reeling, a night of raw passion between the men finally explodes. But in the light of day, can Booker help Jed accept their love? Or will this unearthed attraction send Jed to a dark place from which he can’t recover?

Published in July 2013 by Loose Id LLC

My View

I was eager to read this book as I have read many by this author and wanted to see what she would do with a cowboy romance. Jed Hastings meets the younger Booker West when he takes him on as his assistant even though Booker has had no experience working on a ranch. Jed sees something in Booker, in the way he handles the animals on the ranch and decides to give him a chance. The story follows the development of their friendship as they live and work very closely together.

Booker is hiding the fact that he is gay from everyone, especially Jed whom he has an intense crush on and is developing feelings for. As far as Booker knows Jed is straight but, as time goes on, he finds it increasingly difficult to keep his attraction to himself. He craves everything about Jed and not just physically; he wants Jed’s respect and approval. To Booker, Jed is his everything, but he doesn’t think Jed can ever be is because he knows Jed is straight.

Jed does not know Booker is gay, and over time, he looks on Booker as a really good friend. A friend whom he feels possessive over, a friend whom he tells his secrets to and then a friend whom he finds himself having explicit sexual fantasies for. Something happens, which I am not going to spoil by telling you about, that changes their lives and they find themselves making passionate love for the first and maybe the last time. Jed cannot accept his feelings for Booker and leaves the next day without telling him where he has gone. Booker eventually finds Jed, with help and sets about helping Jed to deal with the demons that are preventing him from having the life he so desperately wants.

Can love finally win the day? I loved this book because it made my heart beat faster in places, so desperately wanting Jed and Booker to have their happy ending. They both so deserve it, especially Jed with all the turmoil inside him that he is trying to deal with, believing his family will disown him if he has a relationship with a man. Booker tries to show him that all things are possible and I will leave it up to you to read and find out if love conquers all!

About the Author

I am an Air Force Brat and spent most of my growing up years living overseas in Italy and England, as well as Florida, Georgia, Ohio and Virginia while we were stateside. I now live in Florida once again with my big, wonderfully pushy family and my three-legged cat, Harry. I have been reading romance novels since I was twelve years old, and twenty years later I still adore them. Currently, I have an unexplainable obsession with hockey goaltenders, and an unabashed affection for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Pot Of Gold 9










Where to buy:

Amazon  Loose Id LLC. http://www.loose-id.com

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