Words From The Heart by Sammi Wolf #LGBT #Review


Dawn reviews Sammi Wolfs Word From The Heart (The book is published 9th June 2014, by Less than Three Press and is 85 pgs long) 

This book was provided free of charge for an honest review.

 Words From The Heart



Desperate to escape a painful past and restart the writing career destroyed with it, Dalton moves to Rosedale in hopes of a fresh start.

His muses return with an unexpected discovery in the hollow of an old tree in his yard: earnest professions of love written by some young man long ago. And more than his muses return when Dalton manages to find the writer of the heartfelt notes, now a grown man, and no less passionate …




We meet Dalton, who is an author, who since splitting with his boyfriend three years earlier, has lost his muses to write.  He has decided that a move is in order, and moves to Rochdale, and he chooses his home due to the tree that was in the corner of the yard!!

His muse seems to return as he sits under the tree, and then comes the unexpected discovery, in a hollow in the tree, of the notes written by Daven, declaring his love to Kellan. Dalton reads two of the three notes, and then his muses seems to come back full force.  Dalton decides that he doesn’t want to read the third note, as he is frightened of what it will say, and that his muse will leave him again.  He also then decides to try to find the writer of the notes.

When he finally meets Daven, he is immediately drawn to him, but is wary of getting involved.  Daven too is drawn to Dalton, but due to his history, he too is wary.  However, they soon become friends, and Dalton begins to write in earnest, and also feels comfortable enough to confide in Daven about this past, especially his last relationship.

Pretty soon, Dalton finishes his book, and Daven asks to read it, and soon realises it is based on his notes left in the tree.  When he finishes the book, he decides that he must explain to Dalton about what really happened between himself and his first love Kellan.  They chat late into the night, and soon feel that they could be more than just friends.  Devan also has a daughter, and they both decide to take things slowly before introducing Dalton to her.

All is going well for both men, until they attend the annual Rose Festival, where incidentally Dalton gets to meet Emma, but this is also where Daven sees his first love Kellan, and he soon realises that he is still not over him……. and he just leaves Dalton at the festival.

This seems to be the end of things…… or is it??  Dalton feels like history is repeating itself for him, and grows more unhappy.

Does Dalton ever find his happiness, or has Daven hurt him so badly that he decides he can’t try again…… I will let you get the book and see for yourself.

This book has you feeling different emotions – both happy and sad, and you really do feel for Dalton when Daven leaves him at the festival.  I really did enjoy reading this, and you could really relate to both men in the book, and their feelings about what was happening.



Pot Of Gold 9half



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Sammi lives in rural central South Carolina in the southern half of the US with her long-suffering husband, her now grown stepson as well as her own two “children,” a cat named Rocky and a dog named Zane, both beloved rescues, and of course all the voices in her head that eventually become stories. When her family is quiet and the voices allow it, Sammi spends every moment of her free time happily writing.

An author since before she could write, Sammi spent her earliest years making up stories to tell her older sister and their friends to amuse them all. She didn’t start getting truly interested in writing her stories down until a beloved middle school teacher assigned her class to keep a journal and to write anything they wanted. Those early forays into writing down the stories always in her head paved the way to dreams of becoming a published author, and years of battling to hone her talent and slay the beast called Self-Doubt.





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