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We are so happy to host Natsuya Uesugi today and his book grydscaen: alliance today at Rainbow Gold Reviews.  He also wrote a wonderful  guest post about Cyber Security and Privacy Online and what you can do to keep yourself safe.  He is also graciously offering an ecopy of his book grydscaen: tribute to a lucky reader.  More details below.  Lets give a big Rainbow Gold Reviews welcom to Natsuya Uesugi.


Cyber Security and Privacy Online by Natsuya Uesugi

So much information is shared online these days that it is important to understand the dangers of exposure of personal information to those that would seek to do harm. Online presence is crucial these days for business and things like search engine optimization, categorization, metadata and tagging are all things that are necessary to find content.

For individual users, online security is just as important. The Internet connects people from all over the world making access to information more pervasive and connecting people from many walks of life, ages and national backgrounds. The Internet is even opening up opportunities for emerging markets such as banking that can be done without bricks and mortar simply by having access to a smartphone or tablet.

New technologies are ever evolving such as encryption, big data and analytics. These can provide rich metrics that can help customers, authors, entrepreneurs and businesses to get their products and information into the hands of the right people. But as much as these things can assist people, they can also be used to harm others, companies, nations, individuals. Not all hackers are bad. Some focus on hardening systems through cybersecurity and are sometimes called white hat hackers while the ones that will steal your money and private data are sometimes referred to as black hat.

There are some basic things that a person can do to keep their identity and information secure online. Following some or all of the recommendations below can greatly improve your safety in an online environment.

What You Can Do

Phishing: Email schemes such as phishing and spearphishing which is more targeted are pushed by cyber criminals looking to exploit users to gain access to private information. Do not click on links in emails if you are not expecting a link or attachment or you are unfamiliar with the source. Some hackers spoof their email address so it looks like a legitimate address but when you hover over the email you can see a more malicious address. If you click these links hackers can send you to malicious websites which install malware and other programs that can compromise you. The best way to protect yourself from phishing scams is not to click links or download attachments in suspicious emails.

Virus Scan and Operating System: Keep your operating system up to date with the latest version and patches. Systems like Windows have an auto update mechanism that allow these patches to be automated. Programs like Adobe Acrobat and Java also sometimes have vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit and the owning companies release patches that can be downloaded and installed when connected to the network. Not patching opens your systems for exploit by hackers which can then remote control your system and install malware or other malicious programs.

Public Computers: Be wary of using public machines or equipment that you do not have control of, like at internet cafes, printing shops or even the library. Use only wireless networks you can trust and that have some type of protection. Some WiFi connections can lead to malicious connections, or be linked to hackers who can view your every activity when on their WiFi connection.

Secure Websites: Before doing confidential activities online like banking ensure that you are on a secure site that uses https and has a verification that the site is secure. Hackers want your information to use to create dumps stealing credit card information to compromise accounts and spoof cards with your information. Ensure you are on a secure site before purchasing.

Password Security: Experts say not to reuse passwords across sites. Have unique passwords for all your bank accounts that use a combination of alphanumerics and special characters. Follow the guidelines for your secure sites such as minimum password length. A longer more complex password with a combination of lowercase, uppercase, numerics and special characters can help protect you.

Using Your Voice or a Token: New technology has made voice passwords available to some applications and sites. This provides a layer of security that is unique to each person. In addition to voice passwords, some sites use tokens which generate random sets of numbers that work along with a username and password plus the token and also a PIN to enable two-factor authentication that can provide an extra layer of security.

Like sharing these basic best practices of online security, the grydscaen series focuses on hackers and cyber security in a cyberpunk fictional backdrop exposing the exploits of the hacker group called the Packrats led by Faid Callen. The new book in the grydscaen series, grydscaen: alliance focuses on the Packrat hackers and their culture. Books like grydscaen: tribute go into the seedier side of hacking, and show multiple sides of the cybersecurity environment where hackers can be good or bad depending on what perspective you are looking at it from. The grydscaen series explores the influence of technology on the human condition and poses the question, “Whose Side Are You On?”

For more on grydscaen, visit http://www.grydscaen.com


grydscaen: alliance Book Summary:

Lino Dejarre has to take up his position as the Viceroy and see to the political posturing that being the head of the City, the Echelons and the one entails. The first thing he has to do it carry out the Trance Channeler’s punishment. What are the consequences for the Trance Channeler giving away secrets to the enemy? While Lino struggles with his new found responsibilities, the Packrats continue their support to the Psi Faction. But Faid is growing restless and swears that the Packrats will go back to fighting the government. A shake up in the power structure comes to the Packrats leaving a core group of their fighting force without a leader. Will a new leader keep the fighters in Faid’s court or block him at any opportunity available? The Jannai are beginning to attack closer to him. What happens when they hit their target? Find out in grydscaen: alliance, the third volume in the grydscaen series.



Where to buy: Amazon


Natsuya Uesugi is a systems analyst and white hat hacker and has worked in the design of aerospace, semiconductor and financial systems. With a Master’s Degree in International Management and a minor in Japanese, Natsuya has been around computers most of his life. He also studied animation and game design in art school, where he finalized the character designs and personalities for the main characters of grydscaen. He enjoys skydiving, cosplay, anime and writing poetry. He would like to make a graphic novel of grydscaen one day.

“the stigma… mother’s memetic legacy lives on in the lifestream and makes it happen, she does so much for us…. but what can we do, we’re just remnants, merely remnants of mothers legacy” -kadaj


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  1. Thanks for the advice. The book sounds like an interesting read. I’ve added it to my wishlist. I love discovering new authors.


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