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Erryn reviews ‘Together’ by Eloreen Moon.  The book was self-published on December 1, 2018 and is 80 pages.  This book was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Why Erryn read: I love polyamory books.

Victor has loved El and En since high school. The problem is, they love each other and only see him as a friend. Victor leaves town, unable to cope with watching them together, but now he’s back—and his heart still feels the same.

El and En have had feelings for Victor for a long time, they just haven’t said anything. After all, a poly relationship isn’t something society looks upon kindly. But that isn’t going to stop them, not now they understand what missing Victor is like. They want their third, no matter what anyone says—they just have to find out whether Victor is up for the challenge.

Together again, individually, the three men know they’re meant to be a trio. The thing is, who will say so first? And will the dynamic work if Victor joins a stable couple? Can Victor fit in and have the relationship he’s dreamed of with the two men who have held his heart in their hands for what feels like forever?

Find out in Together.

Together was previously published in the Beautiful Skin: People of Color Anthology 2018

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Erryn’s Review:

Sometimes you read a short story that is the perfect length – short and sweet.  Then sometimes you read a short story that would be better as a longer piece.  As a writer I’m very aware of how short ‘short’ pieces have to be to be included in most anthologies and this one was part of an important anthology celebrating queer people of color.  I’m glad the author decided to republish the story as a stand-alone, and I was happy to get the chance to read it.

I loved the premise – two men in love and married but who know something is missing in their lives and by the time they realize it’s their best friend, he’s done a rabbit.  El and En want Victor to be their third – so they can be a triad in the true sense, but now they’ve got to convince the man he’s not only wanted, but needed.

Victor, for his part, left town precisely because he was in love with El and En.  Seeing them marry was too much pain so he left abruptly, only returning to help with an LGBT project in Atlanta, thereby putting him back in their sphere.  So the question is – will they finally get together?  Will their true natures finally win?  Will they get their happy ever after?

They did, of course, because this is a romance. And me? I love my happy endings.

The characters are all men of color and I love variety in romances.  I did find the ‘El’ and ‘En’ thing really confusing, but that may just be me.  I hate to say that the ending did feel a little rushed, but I guess when you’ve been in love with your bestie for so long, why wait?

I look forward to more stories by Ms. Moon as I think she has some room to grow as a writer and I’ll be waiting patiently for the next piece.

Erryn’s Rating:

8/10 Pots of Gold (80% Recommended) – Compares to 4/5 Stars

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Eloreen Moon is a pen name for a writer, reviewer, beta reader/editor, and reader of all things romance, including alternate lifestyle (LGBT) stories and novels. Inspiration is all around and life will not limit her to one particular topic. She likes to read and write a blend of science fiction, fantasy, historical, paranormal, and sometimes more than one together, especially if romance is involved. However, cowboys, lawmen, and contemporary times are fun too. Love is love: Romance with a Twist.

In Real Life, she works full-time, has a blended family with children, and enjoys gardening, computer games, and enjoying nature.

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