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Tanja & Bethany reviews ‘Ali’s Intuition’ (Family of Misfits #2) by K-lee Klein. ( This book was released by MLR Press on September 23, 2013, 276 pgs )

Why Bethany read it: When I finished Lucius’ book I couldn’t wait to get Ali’s story.  I loved him in book one.

Why Tanja read it: After reading book one I had to read Ali´s story. He was great in the first book, funny, caring and supportive character of his mismatched family….I can´t ignore a book about him 😉 .
This book was offered to RGR in exchange for an honest review, thank you K-Lee Klein.

Ali´s Intuition









If the rough and tumble man at Ali’s door is supposed to be his fate-ordained mate, then he has to wonder what in the Goddess’ name Fate was thinking.

Ali has always dreamed of his spirit mate, someone classy, intelligent and romantic, but the man who faints in his doorway is anything but. Kalo is loud and pushy, with hair more suited to a caveman and manners to match—all wrapped up in one big package of you’ve got to be kidding me. Besides, Ali has responsibilities as mama bear to his den of shifters and that’s where he needs to be. For Kalo, being rejected by his spirit mate won’t be life-threatening. But there’s something about Ali that intrigues him and touches his soul. He’s ready to offer his already-engaged heart with no strings attached, for a chance to change Ali’s mind.



Bethany´s thoughts:

I loved Ali in book one and could not wait to get his story.  What I got was not what I was not what I was expecting.  Ali knows all about spirit mates and knows that even if he meets his it won’t change a thing.  He doesn’t want one nor does he need one.  It would just complicate his life and his misfits lives.  But when his mate finds him, Ali is nothing short of disgusted by him.  This was NOT the man he had dreams about.  So Ali writes him off.

I loved Ali in book one but so much of his book I wanted to beat him and say, snap out of it just found your mate.  Why are you being difficult?  Grrr, but as mamma he is doing what he thinks is best for his family.  I loved when we first met Kalo and his first meeting with Ali.  Then, well there is the big “OH CRAP” moment and I was like I so did not see that coming.  And I loved it, K-lee shocked me yet again in one of her books.  And once again the misfits are great and we get to see a little more of Nicu and Lucius which I really enjoyed.  And Nicu’s grandmother is hilarious.

So yea it took Ali a while to come around and pull his head out of the sand and when he does well lets just say he totally redeemed himself.  Now where Tanja is a sucker for angst I don’t think I could have handle to much for these two.  It was just the right amount of push and pull and I appreciated that in this book.  And it left me wanting more, another misfits story!!!!  So want some really awesome shifters and a witch with some gypsies thrown in.  Get this one, but if you have yet to read book one, go get that one first then get this one.  They are worth it.

Pot Of Gold 9half

Tanja´s thoughts:

Ali, a white which, “Mama Bear” and caretaker of his mismatched family is not impressed at all as his spirit mate shows up at his door. Why? Because in his imagination his fated mate would be intelligent and classy not some rocker guy who is loud, pushy and without manners.

I laughed so many times about Ali´s antics, he is a great person and powerful as hell. Kalo on the other site…well there is a nice twist regarding him and I didn´t see that coming. Thumps up, it was quite interesting. I could see those two as a couple, both have a huge heart and care for other people deeply.

I liked that we got to know both characters, their past and how that influences their present. We also got to see Lucius and Nicu again, how their relationship developed and I got a few questions answered which I still had after reading book one. Not to forget the set of secondary characters, namely Ali´s mismatched family, Nicu´s grandma and also a few new ones made this story an enjoyable read for me.

This story, for me at least, was better than the first one. It has more depth in it with more background about the main characters. I loved that Ali and Kalo spent time together and got to know each other as well as spent some time apart where you got to see their problems they had with their life’s. What I didn´t like and yes it did dampen the story for me was the part when Ali rejected his mate and how they get together again. Here I felt left out, it was rushed and since I´m a sucker for angst I would have liked it more to see how their time apart affected Ali and Kalo. We got it told in form of a summery as they met again but that´s not the same as going with them through that time of their life.

Nonetheless I liked this story. The angle the author took on the spirited mate part was in parts different than we had in the first book, which fits the series perfectly. A bunch of mismatched, all with difficult pasts finding their fated mates and each with a unique mating process makes this series quite interesting for me. So I´m looking forward what this author has in store for the others of that family.

7.5/ 10 pots of gold

Pot Of Gold 7half





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K-Lee Klein has lived in one part of Western Canada or another for her entire life. She’s a doting mother of three now-grown kids and has had characters and plots running around her head for as long as she can remember. Though she’s fairly new at throwing her original fiction out into the web universe, she hopes to substitute her passion for writing beautiful, emotional men for her previous jobs as a hockey manager/coach, school band volunteer and overall chauffeur.

K-lee writes m/m erotic romances for both Man Love Romance Press and Less Than Three Press. She can be contacted through her website at kleeklein.com or at her twitter handle klee_klein.

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