9/10 pots of gold for Complementary Colors by Adrienne Wilder




My sister Julia manipulated my life into a prison to keep me silent about our dirty family secret. Her greed made me a slave and circumstance left me with no way to escape.
Trapped, the only way I could silence the nightmares driving me to insanity was to wrap them in color, hold them with shadow, and stitch them to negative space with line.
But no matter how bright the pigments, no one could see my confession.
Except for Roy Callahan.
I thought he was just another nameless one-night stand in a long line of many. 
But I was wrong. Roy could see past the façade of my life and through the veil color over the canvas. He could see what the world couldn’t.
And with him I’d find the courage to tell the truth about the boy.
The boy who kissed me.
The boy who loved me.
The boy whose name I couldn’t remember.


Paris is an artist. He sees the world in colors – every word, every touch, every emotion and feeling has a color. His mind is beautiful, but unfortunately it also plays terrible tricks. Traumatic experiences as a child have left Paris even more troubled, with his mental health is steadily deteriorating. He needs to paint to free his mind from the colors, to achieve piece when the world around him becomes too much.

His talent is immense and people recognise that. His paintings sell for millions. And so does his body – being his legal guardian, his manipulative sister Julia controls everything he does, including who he has sex with. Whether Paris likes it or not.

“Julia paused mid-bite. The gleam in her gaze dared me to refute her. Would she stab me with her steak knife if I did? Wouldn’t that be a wonderful front-page story? At least she would get the fame she’d always dreamed of.”

Paris is past caring. The fight has left him a long time ago. He’s swinging between guilt and indifference, just existing; waiting for his life to finally end, somehow.

Until he meets Roy.

“Roy’s incredible green eyes searched my face. He touched my cheek, ran his fingers to my jaw, followed my chin to my lips. I waited for him to kiss me. But he only stared, and touched, and stared some more. The weight of it became too much, and I stepped away. He followed me until I was the one pinned against the counter.”

Roy is a good-natured, caring, compassionate man who falls for Paris and makes him realise there’s much more to life than fancy parties, drugs, alcohol, designer clothes and money. It takes Roy time and effort to convince Paris that he deserves to be loved; that he deserves the simple things in life.

“I’m a thousand pieces of broken colored glass. You throw something like that away. Doing anything else is a waste of time.”

Witnessing Paris’s fight with his own mind is tough. He’s such a gentle soul and yet he’s been forced to grow up so quickly; to forget what it feels like to have real feelings for someone, experience real emotions about what’s happening in his own life. To forget what it feels like to be loved for who he is.

“You can have sex with anyone but very few would ever want to love you.” Roy’s touch burned through my skin, my bones, and flowed over my body in a wave of need and lust.

I loved Adrienne’s writing. The story itself is so emotional and so dramatic that if the writing was too over the top, it’d have become one big melodrama. But the writing is so simple and yet so powerful; stripped down of any unnecessary words until all the reader can see are colors.

“Because when I’m with you the colors are so beautiful.”

Complementary Colors is a fantastic book. I’m in awe with Adrienne Wilder’s talent. I’d recommend it to anyone and it’s already sitting on my all-time-favourites shelf.







Georgia born and bred, I am an artist, a writer, and a general pain in the ass. 
I spend most of my days working on my next book or designing cover art for other writers. For stress relief I do olympic lifting and occasionally run (but hate it). I have been in love with writing since I was very young but it wasn’t until recently that I decided to pursue it as a profession. 
I have experimented in several genres and found that since I identify as male, male romance has been the most comfortable for me to write. I don’t discriminate in my books. All characters are fair game. I do however, prefer a happy ending at some level. 
I don’t write the standard romance book. Some might even argue that what I write isn’t romance at all. Personally I think of them as love stories, where even in a fantastical world, there are realistic outcomes to the obstacles the characters face. 
Many of my books have dark turns and twists where the characters fight for the light at the end of the tunnel. I write action, fist fights, gun fights, down right dirty evil people who have to be stopped, things catch fire, blow up, and fall in. My characters come in a unique range. They are not all good guys, but the majority of them have very good hearts. Many of them have been through hell in their lives, and many of them have a laundry list of faults. But hopefully they manage to surprise you with their tenacity and loyalty. 
If all goes well, there will be a myriad of different kinds of books available this year. If I am really lucky, you will enjoy them



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